The Painting and Its Purpose

The purpose of art is washing off the dust of our daily life. Art can mesmerize us and bring us to new reality or to new world where we would be able to enjoy all the pleasant things around us.

Fine art paintings show emotions that come from inside and express author’s views of the world. To create a piece of art it is necessary for artist to have good sense of creativity and, of course, strong imagination. Artists convey their feelings by using different colors and textures. It is very important to choose appropriate texture to be able to create exactly the thing they want.

Also, artists have to select the necessary colors to express the feelings they want to convey. Picking the right colors for a painting can be a challenge. To simplify things they may use only the basic colors. Picking the right color relations also is of big importance because it will help achieve a certain feel to a painting. Lighter colors will provide a warm feeling to our painting while dark colors are generally considered cool colors.

Then, all the artist need is ability to draw with his mind and heart. He has to pack love into the painting and share this feeling with others.

A painting could be a perfect way of expressing your feeling, even if you are not a painter. How it could be? You simply can buy original oil painting as a gift and present it to someone special in your life. It is an authentic gift because of its long life and utility. Flowers will die, chocolates will be forgotten, other things will be spoiled but an outstanding painting stays forever on the walls, enhances the home design and makes it warmer. The original oil painting on canvas stays as a memorable gift. It will be something special and very valuable.

It could be a good investment to buy a painting if you choose the right painter. Also, you can ask a painter to paint some painting especially for you.

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