Learn to Draw Caricatures - The 7 Features You Need to Focus on to Be Successful

Caricature portraits, which are simply hand drawn cartoonish pictures, usually exaggerate an individual's prominent facial features, and sometimes characteristics or mannerisms.

Most caricatures are merely sketches drawn in pencil or ink on white paper. More elaborate ones are done in color.

To learn to draw caricatures successfully, there are 7 facial features you need to focus on and concentrate on. In particular, notice and see facial features that are out of the norm or ordinary. Focus your attention on the following:

1. First take a good look at your subjects head. Is it round, square, or oval? Do they have a lantern chin or is it weak and recessed?
2. What about the shape of your subjects eyes-are they round or oval, large or small?

3. What about their eyebrows - are they thin or heavy. Do they have a beetle brow?

4. Notice their mouth and lips? Are the lips full or pencil thin? Is their mouth large or small?

5. Notice their ears . Are they small or large like Dumbo the elephant? Are their ears next to their head or do they stick out?

6. What about their smile and their teeth? Are there any missing teeth or gaps between their teeth? Are their teeth straight or crooked? Abnormally small or huge? Do they have vampire teeth?

7. And don't forget the hair. If they're vain about their hair, make sure that this is a prominent feature in your caricature drawing.

As you learn to draw caricatures and train your mind to look at people through the eyes of an artist, you will begin to "see" their outstanding features easily and quickly.

Once you learn all the "insider secrets" of how to draw caricatures, you'll be amazing your friends with your new talent and ability. Everyone will be seeking you out, imploring you to draw their picture. You'll love all the attention!

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