Salvador Dali's Elephants

Salvador Dali's elephants refer to several surrealist depictions that he made of these impressive animals in a selection of some of his most famous paintings. This article uncovers which paintings made use of his symbolic elephants and explains why they were used plus the ways in which he stretched their appearances beyond reality to match his own surrealist style.

Salvador Dali used elephants within Les Elephants, Swans Reflecting Elephants, Temptation of St Anthony and Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate. Dali deliberately elongated the legs of each elephant as well as adding objects to their backs which created a heightened sense of weight upon them. It was Dali's intention to use this stretched reality to create his surrealist environment where further objects could be added in on top.

Les Elephants is certainly the best known example of where Salvador Dali would use this animal, with this painting offering only these symbolic objects walking across a bright yellow and orange background that itself is overwhelming in beauty and helps to make this a highly memorable painting. Dali managed to get a huge amount of detail into each of the paintings mentioned here which makes it surprising when you learn that each of them is relatively small and certainly smaller than canvases from other significant artists from across the contemporary periods of the 20th century. They are also therefore easy to reproduce as the original sizes are also suitable for display in most homes who request copies of it.

We can conclude that elephants were an important topic for Salvador Dali who installed them in several of his key works and used them to help create his surrealist style that marked some of the biggest advancements in new art movements across the whole of the 20th century. Dali's achievements within art were incredible and as creative as they were diverse across different art media. Fortunately much of it has been collected together and stored in several museums around Europe and North America which make excellent ways to spend a few hours for those lucky enough to be in their vicinity.

For those unable to get to see his impressive original oil paintings in person, Dali reproduction copies are exceptionally popular in the modern day which framed art prints, posters and stretched canvases being frequently ordered for those who want to appreciate his finest paintings within their own homes. These offer flexibility with different sizes and formats available.

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