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gene shalit


Gene Shalit To Leave ‘Today’ Show After 40 Years

Gene Shalit, recognized for his large glasses, big bushy hair, and mustache, announced on Tuesday that he is going to leave the ‘Today’ show after a 40 plus year run. He was a movie critic who hosted the “Critics Corner” segment of the show. The last film that he covered on the show was ‘Shrek Forever After.’

The 84 year old Shalit received a tribute from the ‘Today’ show on the Thursday edition of the morning show. Jim Bell, who is the Executive Producer for the show stated that the feat that Gene Shalit accomplished was “a feat unlikely to ever be matched.” He was referring to the 40 years of service on the same show. Shalit does not plan to retire though. He plans to continue work in commercials as well as online.

Some of the people who spoke about Gene on the tribute episode were news anchor Tom Brokaw, Jane Pauley, and Katie Couric. They spoke highly of his great personality, and his unique look.